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Physical Therapy for Pelvic Pain: What to Expect

Physical Therapy for Pelvic Pain

What to expect?

At In Motion Therapy we take pride in our specialized care in the treatment of pelvic pain. This pain could be perineal pain, dyspurenia, vulvodynia, coccygodynia, side effects of endometriosis, post-hysterectomy pain, and pregnancy/ post-partum pain. We also treat urinary and fecal incontinence.

What you can expect from your therapy sessions is one-on-one individualized care in a private setting. We spend a significant amount of time looking into all the contributing factors that play a role in your pain. This could be things like how your pelvis and spine are aligned, scar tissue that could be restricting proper movement, muscles balance, and the strength of your spine and pelvic floor muscles. We spend an extensive amount of time educating our patients on the anatomy of the spine and pelvis, and how our nerves, muscles, fascia, and joints are all connected. We explain how the muscles on the inside of our pelvic floor attach into the hips/sacrum/pubic bones and coccyx. Therefore, a dysfunction in any of these areas could influence the ability for the pelvic floor muscles to function.

Our evaluation process begins from the outside in approach. In other words, we first make sure that the mechanics of the spine and pelvis are aligned properly and then, when you are ready, we will evaluate the internal pelvic floor muscles. We only do this when you are ready for this next step. It is our goal for the patients to guide our treatment based on their response and tolerance to treatment. We want you to feel in control of your care.


We look forward to working with you and helping to restore your health.




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