Whole Body Care

In Motion Therapy’s focus is to help restore proper movement with a whole body approach to care.  Our goal is to help you get back into an active healthy lifestyle that is not hindered by pain.   We provide personalized one on one care in a private treatment setting.  Our treatment is to focus on your unique needs in a comfortable and relaxed setting.

Annita Winkels on Fox 21 News

Check it out...Annita Winkels, DPT, and founder of In Motion Therapy, recently did another segement for FOX 21 NEWS!

Watch the clip for a behind-the-scenes look at what physical therapy can do for limitations in range of motion--from evaluating the dysfunction to analysis through to treatment options.... 

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In Motion Therapy Inc. has been recently featured in The Woman Today Magazine which is distributed all around the Duluth/Twin Ports area! Annita Winkels DPT/CEO of In Motion Therapy has published a very informative article pertaining to Restoring Core Pelvic Power! Click Here to read this article and to see In Motion Therapy's brand new ad featuring In Motion's provider staff!

Our Therapists 

All our physical therapists have extensive post graduate clinical training in manual therapy techniques and therapeutic exercise. 

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Check out what others have said about the treatment they received at In Motion Therapy....

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Women's Health 

Our therapists have expertise in pelvic ring dysfunction and conditions that are unique to woman. 

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